About Us

Founded in 1987, The L.L. Rossi Company focuses on business strategy, marketing and new product development. We have performed consulting assignments around the world in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Our consulting philosophy is central to the way we approach a client relationship:

  • Comprehensive: Business problems are multi-faceted so we approach the immediate task with the broader implications in view.
  • Participation: Effective solutions are rarely imposed from the outside. We work with you and your staff to ensure that the solutions will work within your company.
  • Experience: The combination of corporate and consulting experience helps us better evaluate the business issues and understand the impact of our recommendations on the organization.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Every company, every country, every market, is different. We work to ensure our recommendations will succeed in the specific environment.
Helping business succeed:
Meeting Customer Needs
Improving Competitive Position
Increasing Profitability